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Hi there you all, we are Ana and Keyleen, we are both from honduras, and we are in high school in our senior year. follow us on twitter Aney-> @MissAntunez Key-> @keyleen95

domingo, 4 de marzo de 2012


1.) Staying at your bff's house and wearing all her clothes :D lovely
2.) Always staying up late talking about their problems :)
3.) If they have problems with their bf u always get to the conclussion that they ahould break up and deserve someone sooooo much better than he is :)
4.) haha There should always be foood!!!! And movies ;D
5.) You will always talk about boys....o_o
You should have done all of the above with your bff's at least once! XD and its the truth ^_^

sábado, 11 de febrero de 2012

what to do when bored..???

dont it kills you really slowly when you have absolutely NOTHING to do e_e
im like that right now..
what i´ve been doing..??? you wont believe me but i´ve been searching for alien videos on youtube -_-´
yes,im that bored...!!!!!
i´ve also been ""reading"" 9gag for about two hours now x_x
i would read....but i cant find my book.....
i would be listening to music...... if my ipod wasnt dead
i texting with my friends.... but they are also bored and theconversation is like:

what to do in a situation like this...????
no im just kidding xD
but really i have absolutely nothing to do...!!!! 
I´m so desperate for it to be 8pm, a friend is coming how, and tomorrow we are going on a trip..!! with two of our best friends..!!! sadly two of our other bf cant go.....
we are onna blow the house    e_e

seeeee i have nthing to do....
i think i´ll just post random stuff............


viernes, 10 de febrero de 2012

A beautiful story

One of our friends says that 9GAG ruin people lives because you are constantly checking it..... im starting to believe maybe he is right e.e

Check this out..!!!


We´ve all heard that gossip, althought is fun and interesting, is ""bad."" We´ve also heared, specially from our parents, that we shouldnt believe everything we hear rumbling around everybodies mouths. It is actually a good advice, but us teens always love to hear the lastes gossip, dont we...??
Well, the other day a friend of ours had a problem with her boyfreind. To start clear, his boyfriend studies in a different school, those two have been dating for about a year now, and it all went really well.
Somehow, some one from our school, for no reasonable reason at all, started gossiping that our friend was always hugging with all the guys, just hanging out with them all, bla bla bla.... what did he tryed to say..?? that she was ""cheating"" on him, WHICH she was not.We werent awere of this until some one told us that some one was saying she was cheating. We all were like "sorry, what?"
Apearently the rumor spread a little until it finally reached her boyfreinds ears.
Her boyfreind, as expected got all jelouse, angry and worried and told one of his friends that was also in our school, to keep an eye on her to see if it was true what was happening.
Since then, his boyfriend has been all paranoid and he even forbid her to talk witha friend of hers (one of her best friends btw)
Lately they´ve problems bc of that.

I know this isnt like an "OMG" example that might change your point of veiw about gossiping, but is the most common we see nowadays. But it could be worst.

I know a true tragic story about gossiping; have an idea of how dangerouse a simple rummor can be, in the story im talking about the woman end up kelling her self, amd it all strater with a rummor that then became a gossip and so on,  if you want me to post it ust comment pls :)

and im not telling you guys stop gossiping...!!! just be careful, no one knows how far it could get :/


Anney and Key :3

domingo, 5 de febrero de 2012

3 top boys we like

One ofgirls most favorite thing? BOYS!
So many types of guys to choose from: the bad boy, the cutie, the modest, the romantic,the mysterious, the jerk, the jealous, the joke, the hot, the weird, the nerd,the popular, the team captain, the stalker, the rocker, the punk, the sensible…oh well, there are so many…!!
But which is the most searched type of guy by us girls? The romantic? The jerk? Themysterious? Yes-no, no-yes?
Well, sincewe all ladies are different, is hard to find a specific type of guy, but we canmake mixtures, can’t we?
Haven´t younotice? We like all the type of guys some way or another. One more than others of course, but there is always that little thing that we never expected from an X guy, and then out of the blue we now know it exist in them, even though somehow it seems…. weird or illogical.

We selectedthe 3 most common chosen guys, so lets try to guess what we like about them,shall we?


Don’t weall girls like romance? The sweet kisses, the warm hugs, maybe some flowers? Howwe love all that, how sweet they can be. We like how they treat girls likeprincesses, we like the old-fashioned courtship they tend to use, the sweetsmile, basically everything of them.


                                                2)THE SMART-ASSCUTIE

I know,three in one, but that way is better J what we like..? First of all, they aren’ta completely ass after all, they are funny, we all need to laugh, and what’s thebest medicine than a smile, right? And being also called “smart”, it can besaid that they know what to do in their next move, they are confident in whatthey do, and is always enjoyable to be around them.

And lastbut not least, the most requested type of guy:

                          1)THE BAD BOY

The hugequestion… why on earth we like bad boys…??? You might not believe this, but isjust simply because they are hard to impress and we like the chase, but most ofall, we like them because we fantasize about changing them (which doesn'treally happens in much cases)
 Besides that, we like their confidence andpower, their unpredictability (which creates a lot of interest) and apparentlyit is fun and a surprise for them that they can't resist. They are more drivenand passionate about whatever they do. They have an excess of excitement aboutwhatever they're into. And as we all might know by now, they are best atbreaking the rules and living life on their own terms.

 So here is our top three most searched guys by us girls, but we want to know your opinion, do you really think this list is in the right order...??? we think it is, but please leave us your comment:
Anne&Key :3

miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2012

Hi there all...!!

Hello there blog readers, we are Ana and Keyleen with this new blog for you to enjoy...!!!
The history of this blog is simple, it all started as a computer homework.... yes, our grade is based on how good our blog is, crazy huh? But we think, somehow, this will be fun for us as well as you all out there (girls specially)
Our topic, theme (or whatever it is called)..?? is about... basically of a little of all of what we teenagers like, love, and enjoy.
Our plans..? share pictures, give tips and advices, share comments about what we like and what you might like,  post videos, help you as we an with any problem,  and whatever come to our two insane minds :D

Comment, give us advices, you are welcome..!!!

       Anney and Key